Doctor Who: Revenge of the Cybermen/Silver Nemesis

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REVENGE OF THE CYBERMEN: The Doctor and his companions are lost in time. Expecting to be reunited with the TARDIS following a secret mission for the Tim Lords, they instead find themselves on a plague-stricken space station orbiting the remnants of Voga, Planet of Gold. The Doctor, Harry, and Sarah have stumbled into the last battle of an ancient conflict between humankind and one of its most terrifying foes the Cybermen.

SILVER NEMESIS: Earth, 1988: While the Doctor and Ace flee from emotionless men wielding futuristic pistols, neo-Nazi Herr de Flores is intent on heralding the Fourth Reich. Meanwhile, the villainous Lady Peinforte uses black magic to propel herself forward from 1638 for a final confrontation with her sworn enemy the Doctor. And at the same time, a spacecraft full of Cybermen sets down on Earth as the Doctor desperately evades multiple enemies, a meteor containing a Gallifreyan super-weapon is hurtling ever nearer to the planet. Whoever controls the Statue will hold the power of life or death over the entire universe.


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